Pasta with Avacado and Sausage

I got the idea for this recipe from a friend’s blog – she has been on a Paleo diet for health reasons – hers is actually a low-histamine Paleo diet I guess, and while I’m not following the diet, I’ve learned a lot of interesting techniques and food combination ideas from her recipes.  She has a great attitude, as shown in her tagline “I can’t eat a lot, but I sure like to eat”!

My recipe was inspired by her post on Paleothoughts – Creamy Avacado and Sausage Spaghetti.  My version uses pasta spaghetti and yogurt, which if I understand correctly wouldn’t fit into the Paleo diet.  You could definitely try a vegetarian version – I think black beans would be nice instead of sausage, and I am sure I’ll try that soon!

Pasta with Avacado and Sausage
4 servings spaghetti (1/2 box)
4 leftover or pre-cooked sausages
2 avocados
1/2 cup yogurt (I used my “Fresh Green Yogurt Dip” instead)
2 tablespoons lemon juice (lime would be nicer!)
4 cloves garlic
1 onion, diced
2 small peppers (one red, one yellow)
1/2 cup thawed frozen corn
8 mushrooms, chopped
1 tablespoon cumin seed
1 tablespoon pepper flakes (to taste)
1 tsp orgeano
1 tsp thyme
salt and pepper

Mash the avocado and yogurt together in a bowl, or process, til smooth.

Fry the mushrooms in a large skillet until golden, then add onion, garlic, peppers, corn, herbs and spices and fry until tender and fragrant.

Meanwhile boil spaghetti until it is cooked to your liking and drain.  Reserve some cooking liquid in case you need to thin the sauce

Toss the avocado and yogurt mix with the vegetables and pasta.  Add a bit of additional cooking liquid if your sauce seems too thick!

Avocado Pasta with Garlic bread – looks unappetizing, but tastes dee-licious!

Result:  This was an excellent idea for a pasta sauce – I think I’d describe it as “guacamole pasta.”


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