Slow Cooker Pork Shoulder With Onions

This isn’t really a recipe so much as how I cooked this roast – I wanted to try to use the slow cooker to cook the meat, without it stewing or sitting in inches of liquid.  It worked really well, and for the first 6 or so hours the roast was sitting out of the liquid.

First, I made a seasoning salt rub out of salt, onion and garlic powder, pepper, sage, oregano, and thyme, and rubbed it all over the meat, then sealed it in a ziplock bag and left it in the fridge for more than a day.

Roast after marinating for about a day and a half.
Roast after marinating for about a day and a half.

Next, I peeled and quartered a whole lot of onions, enough to fully cover the bottom of the crock.  I greased the crock with some margarine, and placed the onions in with the idea that they would serve as a sort of rack to lift the meat out of any liquid.

I cut up a whole lotta onions for this!
I cut up a whole lotta onions for this!

Then I browned the roast very well on all sides, and placed it in the crock on top of the onions.

In the same pan I sauted a few chopped mushrooms and four or so cloves of minced garlic until they were browned.
MushroomsI mixed about 1/2 cup water with a generous tablespoon of dijon mustard, and then used this liquid to deglaze the pan.  I also tried to reduce the liquid as much as possible, as I wanted to limit the liquid going into the cooker.
DijonI poured this liquid over the roast, and crock was ready to go.

After about 8 hours on low, this was the result:

I was really happy with this method, and I’d try the same thing with beef – I can see doing most of my roasts this way, unless I wanted something very different.  This is what dinner looked like in the end:

The onions were especially nice, and the meat completely fell apart.  We also had make-ahead potatoes – where you make the mashed potatoes, add a bunch of stuff, and then bake them.  This dinner was a big hit with my taste-tester!