Sprouted Black Lentils

I’ve been reading about sprouted lentils and beans lately and wanted to try them.  Sprouting is supposed to increase nutrient absorbtion and digestibility.  Also we’ve always liked sprouts like alfalfa and bean, but they disappeared from grocery stores for thevlast few years (that I’ve seen). I think there was a food safety issue, esp. with bulk, non-packaged sprouts, maybe salmonella?  

I used 1/2 cup of beluga (black) lentils.

9 pm – rinsed lentils in strainer, then set strainer in large bowl filled with tap water to soak overnight.

6 am – rinsed lentils well, shook off excess water, placed sieve containing damp lentils in a bowl and covered lentils with pot lid to keep out dust and possible floating cat hair, though we probably eat plenty of that! 

Reserved lentil soaking liquid to water plants with. 

Supposedly whatever nutrients came out in the water will feed your plants.  You can do this with vegtable cooking liquid too, as long as you don’t include salt.

9 am –  Rinsed and drained lentils.

1 pm-

7:30pm –  Starting to see more lentils that are splitting open.

Day 2, 8 am-

Day 2, 2pm-

Day 2, 9pm – Thoroughly rinsed and dried by Will.  Tastes really nice as is, haven’t cooked with them yet.


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