My blog helps me keep track of the recipes I create or modify so I can share them with friends, or just remember what I’ve cooked and how it turned out.

I’m interested in healthy, tasty eating, and lately I’ve been trying to boost the nutrition in our eating by incorporating more beans, legumes and vegetables.

I love to use my slow cooker and try new techniques. I’m also actively looking for recipes that help control Rehumatoid Arthritis, as my live-in taste tester was recently diagnosed.

Taste-testers Festus, Rusty and Smokey.

I enjoy cooking creatively on a tight budget, and using the random “free” food that comes my way, most often as gifts from friends and neighbours who have too much of something, a flourishing garden, or just don’t like something but don’t want to waste.  My most nutritious and exciting ingredients come to me this way, and since I can never plan on what I’ll have I love to improvise recipes.


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